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CPCS A17e Telehandler Suspended Loads
  • Undertake all pre-use checks

  • Configure and ready for travel (site and highway)

  • Travel over level surfaces with and without loads and, where applicable, on rough, undulating ground and inclines. (excluding suspended loads)

  • Manoeuvre in confined spaces with and without loads

  • Follow given signals and instructions when travelling and manoeuvring with and without loads

  • Configure and set for all lifting, loading and transferring duties

  • Attach and remove attachments and accessories for the movement of suspended loads

  • Follow given signals and instructions during work activities

  • Lift and remove various loads up to full extension and working height of the tele handler

  • Maintain safe working situations

  • Determine the requirements for the lifting and transferring of suspended loads

  • Establish and comply with given signals and instructions

  • Lift various suspended loads from given locations Inc. vehicle bed and at height

  • Travel with and place various suspended loads at given locations Inc. a vehicle bed and at height

  • Minimise the swinging of loads during travel

  • List different types of lifting accessories and attachments compatible with telescopic handlers and suspended loads

  • Explain the correct and incorrect methods for attaching suspended loads to the machine

  • Explain how stability is affected by travelling with a raised boom and a suspended load (both regular and irregular)

  • Explain visibility issues and restrictions and with suspended loads

  • Place loads out of sight of the operator

  • Maintain safe working situations


This course lasts two days, accommodation options are available on request


£750 (+ VAT)

Test Only £250 (+VAT)

Cpcs Dump Truck  / Adt / A56 / Dozer / Bulldozer  A34 / Tractor / Agricultural Tractor A33 /  FTD Dumper / Forward Tipping Dumper A09 / Roller / Ride On Roller A31 / Digger / Excavator / 360 / Jcb A59 / Telehandler / Telescopic A17 /  Under Slung Loads A17e/ Cpcs Training Uk /  Cpcs Training UK

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