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Course Information

This course ensures that candidates are plant trained in using a 180-degree Excavator, either below or above 5 tonnes depending on the training chosen. The course content provides the skills and experience that is essential to work efficiently when using this vehicle.

  • For all CPCS categories, the CPCS theory test is a verbal questions and answer session which will take approximately an hour to complete. 

  • The CPCS practical test for the 180-degree Excavator (A10) course must be completed within two hours and the practical test for the 180 degree Excavator (A12) course must be completed within two hours and twenty minutes.

Both CPCS practical training courses consist of the candidate using the machine to complete a variety of activities and manoeuvres including excavating and moving loads.

A10 – Excavator Below 5 Tonnes 

  • Information and knowledge to ensure operators can name and explain the principal components of the machinery, including the basic construction, terminology and controls

  • Pre-use checks, configuration and setting up ready for travel

  • Shut down and securing procedures

  • Safe operation and manoeuvring over a range of terrains and confined spaces, including steep inclines, level surfaces and rough ground

  • How to attach and remove buckets, lift, move and place basic slung loads with the rear boom, and grade, spread and level ground and materials

  • Relevant regulations and legislation pertaining both to the plant and the operator’s responsibilities

  • Loading and unloading procedures

A12 – Excavator Above  5 Tonnes 

  • Routine adjustments and plant servicing procedures

  • Safety precautions, machine capabilities and machine operation

  • How diesel engines work and how they relate to machine operation

  • Ancillary equipment

  • Information given by level pegs, profiles etc and how to interpret this

  • Preparing the machine for travel on public roads

  • Siting the machine safely and efficiently


A12 180 Excavator
Weekday Prices

Test Only £400+VAT

This is the price for the test only and does not include training

1 to 1 Training (per day) £500+VAT
Shared Training (per day) £250+VAT

These prices are for one days on machine training, you can choose one to one training or shared (one to two) 

1 to 1 Training & Test  £1000+VAT
Shared Training & Test  £750+VAT

These prices are for one days training with tests on Day Two (Depending on experience)

Weekend Prices

Same as weekday prices with a £56 surcharge for weekend booking fee.


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