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Course Information

All levels of Dump Truck training end with the CPCS theory and practical test. The CPCS practical test for both categories of the Dump Truck must be completed within ninety minutes and will consist of the candidate using the machine to complete a variety of activities and manoeuvres including reversing and driving on a slope.


Course Content Includes:

  • Pre-use and post-use checks

  • Travelling over a range of terrains, including rough undulating ground, steep inclines and level surfaces, both loaded and unloaded

  • Safe and tidy working areas

  • Loading and unloading procedures

  • Manufacturer’s handbook and relevant legislation

  • Load integrity and security

  • Shut down and securing procedures


A56B Articulated Dump Truck
Weekday Prices

Test Only £406+VAT

This is the price for the test only and does not include training

1 to 1 Training (per day) £300+VAT
Shared Training (per day) £200+VAT

These prices are for one days on machine training, you can choose one to one training or shared (one to two) 

1 to 1 Training & Test  £706+VAT
Shared Training & Test  £606+VAT

These prices are for one days on machine training with test on day two depending on experience

Weekend Prices

Same as weekday prices with a £56 surcharge for weekend booking fee.


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